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Tips for video recording your next event.

Recording a live event can be an excellent way to convey to the audience who isn't present the excitement that was experienced during it, or to provide a live stream to a virtual audience. This is simpler than you might think if you prepare adequately.

Throughout our journey, we've learned what matters and what doesn't so much, so we'd like to share some tips to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

1. Ensure you have the right equipment for recording.

2. Invest in quality cameras and microphones that can clearly capture both audio and images of your event.

3. Consider using multiple cameras if possible, to capture different angles of the same scene.

4. Plan in advance for possible distractions or interruptions during the recording.

5. Have someone available to handle any unexpected events.

When it comes to choosing a video camera, there are three key technical factors to consider:

  1. the camera itself,

  2. lighting, and

  3. the sound.

I would say all three are equally important, although it naturally depends on the type of video.

To select the most suitable camera, you need to think about the kind of videos you'll be creating and the situations in which you'll be filming: studio, outdoors, adventure, etc.

Budget is one of the most crucial points: you can find a good balance between quality, features, and price in cameras with APS-C and Micro 4/3 sensors.

Full-frame sensor cameras offer a slight advantage in challenging lighting situations, but the price jump, especially when considering lenses, is quite significant.

I'll set aside segments like adventure or first-person sports, for which the appropriate camera would likely be an action camera like a GoPro or similar.

You can use automatized camera systems, which we already have an article HERE



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